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Key Technologies for Digital Quality Control

The main function of the platform is to analyze the historical data and real-time data collected by the connected platform through various management systems, such as energy management system, quality management system, extract management system, etc., in order to achieve real-time alarm, trend analysis, difference analysis and other functions. With the quality department as the center, the factors affecting the analysis data such as personnel, equipment, books, documents and records are organically combined, and advanced computer network technology, database technology and standardized laboratory management ideas are adopted to form a comprehensive and standardized management system. It provides technical support for online scheduling of analysis data, automatic collection of analysis data, rapid distribution, information sharing, paperless analysis report, smooth implementation of quality assurance system and strict cost control. It is an information platform connecting laboratories, production workshops and QA departments, and introduces advanced mathematical statistics technology. Such as variance analysis, correlation and regression analysis, significance testing, accumulation and control charts, etc., to assist functional departments to discover and control the key factors affecting product quality.