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Authentic identification of brewing ingredients
Authenticity identification of brewing materials

"Good wine is made, but it is also grown." In view of the lack of practical raw material variety identification and purity detection system in the domestic brewing industry, the platform developed and established a complete set of brewing raw material variety identification and purity detection system by combining competitive allele-specific PCR technology (KASP) with the third-generation molecular marker MNP (polynucleotide polymorphism). To realize the source control of brewing product quality, to provide technical support for the stability of product quality and the production of high-quality products. ccore Core technology

1. Brewing raw material resource database (including hops, barley, sorghum, etc.), brewing raw material genome MNP locus database
2. Ergonomic MNP-KASP variety identification system
3. MiSeq high-throughput sequencing platform

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Raw material authenticity identification platform
By virtue of its technical advantages, the competitive allele-specific PCR technology (KASP) and the third generation of molecular marker SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) were combined, and through technical research, SNP-KASP detection technology was successfully developed, which solved the technical problems of raw material variety identification and purity detection that plagued the industry, and filled the international and industrial gaps in the field. At present, a system for variety identification and purity detection of brewing raw materials such as hop grains, barley and sorghum has been established.

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1. Variety identification and purity testing of brewing raw materials, including hops, barley (malt), sorghum and other bulk brewing raw materials.

2. According to the specific needs of enterprises, develop a quality inspection and monitoring system for incoming raw materials suitable for enterprises.
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