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Analysis & Testing Services
Analysis & Testing Services

For alcoholic beverages, condiments, dairy products, food additives, tea products, raw materials, auxiliary materials and by-products etc.the analysis and research has been carried out. Analytical items include sensory, conventional physicochemistry, safety, flavor, alcohol metabolism, organic and inorganic acids, trace elements, nutrition and health, functional and harmful microorganisms, unknown precipitates, miscellaneous substances and their removal etc.

Service items
Analyze & test items

The analysis and testing service platform of the fermented food (beverage wines) has the Key Laboratory of Liquor Quality and Safety of China Light Industry and the Identification and Inspection Center of Liquor Raw Materials of China Liquor Industry Association. Integrate chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, metabolomics and other disciplines to meet the four characteristic service needs of "R&D innovation, quality identification, quality upgrading, and system certification".

Analysis item
1. Alcohol metabolism analysis
2. Varieties and purity identification of brewing raw materials
3. Identification and analysis of unknown components of alcohol and sediment
4. Screening and identification of fermented food functions and harmful microorganisms
5. Sensory and conventional physical and chemical analysis
6. Food safety analysis
7. Flavor analysis
8. Analysis of organic acids, anions and elements
9. Analysis of nutritional substances
10.miscellaneous substances and their removal
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