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Company Statement
Company Statement
Official Disclaimer

International Joint Research Center of Liquor Quality and Safety (ICAB) stands as the sole national and international collaborative research institution within the domestic brewing field, officially recognized and established by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Guided by principles of institutional fairness, objectivity, and confidentiality, the Joint Research Center hereby declares the following commitments and welcomes scrutiny from all segments of society:

1. Adherence to Legal and Technical Standards: We rigorously implement relevant laws, regulations, testing standards, and technical specifications prevalent in the international industry. Our approach remains independent, impartial, scientific, and transparent, ensuring the delivery of objective, accurate, and traceable data results and standard samples.

2. Ethical Conduct and Independence: Members of the Joint Research Center pledge to resist any undue pressures—whether commercial, financial, contractual, or resource-related—from internal or external sources that could compromise the quality of our work. We actively prevent commercial bribery, safeguarding the integrity, impartiality, and independence of our judgments at all times. Furthermore, we willingly accept the corresponding legal responsibilities.

Commitment to Confidentiality: Our obligation to confidentiality is unwavering. Members of the Joint Research Center handle national secrets, trade secrets, and technical information with utmost care during their involvement in technical services such as research and development, testing, standard formulation, and patent writing. We assume full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of samples, methods, and technical details entrusted to us by clients. Without explicit authorization, this information shall not be disclosed or disseminated in any form, nor shall it be utilized for our own technical development or product research. We staunchly uphold the client’s ownership rights and patent privileges.