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Starting from the needs of customers, combined with years of experience and R&D strength of several national judges and industry experts, ICAB meets the needs of industry practitioners and enthusiasts for the improvement of sensory tasting skills, as well as the needs of the industry for the selection of national tasters and wine tasting judges. The flavor reagent series products developed by ICAB are used as standard teaching AIDS for sensory training and national evaluation selection. In China, especially in the field of food sensory detection are the first, more than ten years has been widely used in the industry of small and medium-sized enterprises technical personnel training and industry association judge selection events, the benefit of nearly 10,000 students.
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Liquor series
Based on application and market orientation, ICAB explores and organizes the traditional brewing techniques of Chinese alcoholic products, combined with the nutritional and flavor characteristics of different brewing materials, and uses modern theories to explain, improve, and standardize traditional techniques. By studying the consumption demand and sensory characteristics of alcoholic products, carrying out technological and product innovation, a series of new products that adapt to modern consumption trends have been developed, and significant economic benefits have been achieved.
Rose series
Rose rugosa is a plant species belonging to the Rosaceae family, with a wide variety of beautiful colors, aromas, and shapes, and extremely high economic value. Roses contain abundant phenolic and terpene substances, which have extremely high edible and medicinal value. On March 21, 2010, the Ministry of Health of China approved roses as a new resource food, providing a reliable basis for the development of the rose deep processing industry.

The Rose series products are made from double petal red rose petals and undergo dual fermentation by aroma producing yeast and lactic acid bacteria. This not only enhances the floral aroma and fermentation ester aroma of rose fermented drinks, but also better blends the floral aroma of roses with the fermentation ester aroma of rose fermented drinks, making the floral aroma and taste of rose fermented drinks unified and harmonious. Roses contain abundant amino acids, vitamin E and other constant elements, especially active factors such as rose essential oil, which is known as "liquid gold". Therefore, this product has the effect of beauty and beauty, catering to the current pursuit of taste, nutrition, beauty and health by women.

ICAB has been conducting comprehensive, systematic, and in-depth research on rose quality control and deep processing technology for many years in the field of roses. With plant-based flower raw materials - double petal red roses - as the object, modern precision instrument analysis techniques (GC, GC-MS, IC, HPLC, HPLC-MS, etc.) are used, guided by raw materials, to conduct multidimensional research on the functional components and typical flavor substances of roses, achieve quality analysis and control of rose raw materials, use modern fermentation technology as a means, adopt functional microbial screening and application technology based on rose characteristics, and combine research on flavor guided plant-based fermentation mechanisms to achieve technological empowerment of rose deep processing products, and achieve differentiation and high-end of deep processing products. In 2011, the Rose Research Center was jointly established with the Blue Bay Group, and the technological achievements were applied to the research on deep processing technology of plant-based flower raw materials in horizontal cooperation between enterprises and vertical scientific research projects at all levels of the country, providing technical support for plant-based deep processing products.
Fermented fruit wine and distilled wine series
In the direction of wine and fruit wine, ICAB has always been committed to the transformation of scientific research results and industrial development, providing enterprises with industrial production technology, and has done a lot of work on the fermentation style, health efficacy, safety evaluation, microbial selection and breeding of grapes, blueberries, cherries, kiwifruit, apricots and other fruits, and a number of research results have reached the international leading level.
Take blueberry wine, for example. Blueberry, also known as bilberry or blue berry, is a new and excellent fruit tree developed in the early 20th century, which is suitable for growing in red and yellow soil and has high economic value. Blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, unsaturated fatty acids, ellagic acid and trace amounts of potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, etc., especially the high content of anthocyanin pigments in blueberries, and its antioxidant effect ranks first among all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and is listed as one of the five health foods of human beings by the International Food and Agriculture Organization. ICAB is a blueberry fermented wine with deep ruby red color, rich and elegant aroma, with ripe black cherry aroma and sweet chocolate flavor. The taste is round and the good acidity makes the wine rich and full structure. Long finish, lasting fragrance.
With fresh fruit or dried fruit as raw materials, after alcohol fermentation, distilled into a typical aroma, sweet taste, lasting aftertaste, with typical fruit style characteristics of fruit brandy, also popular with consumers. ICAB can provide enterprises with fermented fruit wine and distilled wine product development and technology research services according to the characteristics of the fruit.
Prepared wine (dew wine) series
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