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Intelligent Consumer Science
Intelligent consumer science

The Intelligent Consumer Science Research Center is the first professional research institution in China that focuses on consumer behavior analysis in the fields of food and alcohol. It overcomes the problems of traditional consumer science research methods that are unclear, incomplete, inaccurate, and subjective. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies in fields such as neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience, combined with artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithm models, we can intelligently and quickly analyze real-time emotional changes in consumer food consumption behavior. Relying on the China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute and the International Joint Research Center for Alcohol Quality and Safety (ICAB), and collaborating with international leading consumer science research institutions such as Imperial College London and Wageningen University in the Netherlands, we have created a modern version of "mind reading" that combines subjective factors with objective indicators. The platform has a first-class domestic research team for food intelligent perception technology and leading consumer research equipment (eye movement intelligent sensory analysis system, micro expression intelligent sensory taste analysis system, EEG intelligent sensory analysis system, etc.).

Service items
Service items
We use intelligent research equipment in the laboratory (such as eye movement intelligent sensory analysis system, micro expression intelligent sensory taste analysis system, EEG intelligent sensory analysis system, etc.) to collect objective physiological information such as facial expressions and EEG of consumers. Combining with multimodal human-machine interaction data of consumers during the process of observing color, smelling fragrance, tasting, and aftertaste, we use a self-developed emotion algorithm model, Conduct comprehensive analysis with consumer big data tasting models and databases, and output consumer preference evaluation reports for beverages. The Intelligent Consumer Science Research Center has constructed an alcohol quality expression system, mainly focusing on the three dimensions of alcohol drinking quality: pre drinking (appearance quality), in drinking (sensory quality), and post drinking (comfort quality).

The intelligent consumer laboratory can provide technical services, provide objective evaluation reports for enterprises, and provide digital and intelligent comprehensive services for enterprise, consumer, and research institutions. It is a system from product hardware to technical services, helping enterprises to develop precise products and promote marketing. At present, we have established technical cooperation and application with well-known enterprises such as Fenjiu, Yanghe, Budweiser, Yanjing, and Luzhou Laojiao. The projects we cooperate with Fenjiu and Yanjing have obtained internationally leading appraisal conclusions, and have received attention and recognition from industry leaders, experts, and associations.

Laboratory intelligent consumer testing: Enterprises send blind samples, and the intelligent consumer laboratory conducts consumer preference evaluation (EEG, micro expression objective response, and subjective evaluation) of products, analyzes data, and forms a drinking quality expression analysis report/drinking comfort report.

Live experience: Provide on-site experience services for EEG, micro expressions, and eye tracking devices, which can increase the immersive interactive experience on site and also provide analysis reports on alcohol preferences for enterprises.

Group Standards: The meeting will conduct in-depth discussions on the name, scope of application, terminology definition, standard framework, and content coordination of the standards. After the meeting, the drafting working group will actively carry out a series of investigation, research, and analysis work on the name definition, measurement methods, technical techniques, and other aspects of the group standards based on the content discussed in the meeting, further improving the technical content of the standards.

Remote testing: Using a web-based remote consumer intelligent sensory evaluation system, the system collects facial expression data of consumers during the wine tasting process through a cloud platform, using mailing test wine samples and online wine tasting methods, regardless of location and time. In the later stage, the system will provide consumers and customers with feedback on the tasting analysis report.
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