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Consumer smart devices

1、Product presentation

The laboratory has built the most complete and functional food intelligent perception research platform in China. The platform has a domestic first-class food intelligent perception technology research team and leading consumer research equipment (eye movement intelligent sensory analysis system, micro-expression intelligent sensory tasting analysis system, EEG intelligent sensory analysis system, etc.).

Eye movement intelligent sensory analysis system

The measurement of appearance quality before drinking is the main measurement technology of consumers' attention to goods. Its core is to accurately estimate consumers' subconscious concerns through visual reflection image processing algorithm, and to track the real-time eye movement trajectory, which is of great help to the improvement of product packaging and the evaluation of advertising effect.

Microexpression intelligent sensory appreciation and analysis system

It can identify the involuntary emotional changes reflected in the facial expressions of consumers during drinking, which can be divided into four versions according to the usage situation. The Experience version is dedicated to the on-site experience of the consumer experience store and enables fast results output (pie charts and ratings). The tasting edition system can realize simultaneous micro-expression emotion recognition and venue atmosphere analysis for multiple people, and is mostly used for real-time analysis in multi-person scenarios such as tasting meetings. The remote end face expression test platform can realize remote evaluation of consumers, breaking the limitation of time and space, and can carry out product testing of consumers nationwide. At present, there are more than 1,000 volunteers in the laboratory, covering more than 80 cities across the country, and product testing can be carried out in many places across the country. Scientific research version system combined with the standard process of food sensory evaluation, quality and preference evaluation from the perspective of professional evaluators and consumers, for food sensory science research and enterprise cooperation product evaluation.

Eeg intelligent sensory analysis system

It is divided into single version and multi-person version, which can learn the cognitive behavior and psychological activities of consumers in the drinking process in real time. Combined with the intelligent EEG helmet independently developed by the laboratory, through the self-developed preference algorithm model, the consumer preference can be quickly visualized. Good-looking, comfortable and accurate is the direction of continuous iteration and upgrading of portable wearable intelligent brain electric helmet. The 16-guide and 64-guide intelligent EEG collection devices of scientific research edition can analyze and evaluate the comfort, pleasure and relaxation of consumers after drinking, and scientifically quantify the subjective indicators by establishing a comprehensive evaluation index of alcohol metabolism.

2、Product list

Product 1:Consumer intelligent brain electric helmet 250,000

For real-time consumer drinking preference test, including smart helmet + preference test software use authorization, including no less than 3 sets of smart helmets and a software analysis system.

Product 2:One-person facial micro-expression quick test software 250,000

It is used for real-time consumer drinking preference test, including HD camera + software real-time detection + analysis report, software authorization and training services.

Product 3:Venue analysis system software 300,000

It is used for real-time venue atmosphere analysis and activity analysis, including hardware system + software real-time detection + analysis report, and provides supporting hardware (system platform construction, cameras, switches, small servers, etc.) and use training services.

Product 4:Consumer eye movement analyzer 380,000

For product packaging, appearance, advertising consumer testing, including hardware + matching eye movement analysis software, providing hardware equipment and software use training services.

Product 5:Remote consumer intelligent sensory tasting and evaluation system 350,000

Real-time collection and background analysis of facial expression data of multi-person wine tasting experience of remote and remote consumers, and provide preference data reports for consumers and the market respectively, including 1 remote facial expression data collection software rented by authorized services (1000 people/year), 1 facial expression data analysis software that can be used independently, and professional data analysis training services.

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