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Scientific team
scientific team
Research team

International Joint Research Center of Liquor Quality and Safety boasts an elite team comprising professor-level senior engineers, experienced senior engineers, accomplished doctors, and skilled masters, alongside other young and middle-aged scientific research professionals. Specifically, our team includes 12 masters, 12 doctors and 5 experts. Among our members, 6 hold senior professional titles, and we have 8 individuals affiliated with the national wine evaluation committee. Additionally, we take pride in our 12 national wine tasters. Over the years, we have also contributed to the education of 13 master’s and doctoral students. Our scientific research team combines rich experience, academic excellence, and strong research capabilities. We focus on various aspects within the brewing field, including basic research, theoretical innovation, engineering solutions, and equipment control. As a result, our scientific research level stands at the forefront in China, playing a pivotal role in advancing the industry and translating research achievements into practical applications.

Department leaders
  • Director Deliang Wang
    Director Deliang Wang
    Chief Expert
  • Deputy Director of R&D Jie Xue
    Deputy Director of R&D Jie Xue
    Wine, rice wine, fruit wine and other technical resources and training
  • Deputy Director Xinglin Han
    Deputy Director Xinglin Han
    Liquor, health wine and other technical resources and training services
  • Deputy Director Hong Li
    Deputy Director Hong Li
    Liquor, beer and other technical resources and training
  • Assistant Director Haojian Qin
    Assistant Director Haojian Qin
    Technical resources and training for beer, health wine, condiments, etc
  • Senior R&D Engineer Chunguang Luan
    Senior R&D Engineer Chunguang Luan
    Identification of intestinal microecological health and raw grain purity
  • Assistant Director Xulei Song
    Assistant Director Xulei Song
    Workshop (craft brewing) beer, whiskey, brewing process and microbial selection, training
  • Assistant Director Tao Song
    Assistant Director Tao Song
    Body design and new product development
  • Assistant Director Fengjie Zhang
    Assistant Director Fengjie Zhang
    New product development and conference
Research backbone
Centered around the core of "safety, quality, health preservation, and efficiency", the Joint Research Center focuses on industry development, conducts scientific research on common and key issues in the industry, and solves a series of hot and difficult problems in the industry. Currently, it has become a strong technical support and support force for leading domestic brewing enterprise groups. Relying on international technology cooperation bases, we have cooperated with nearly 100 countries around the world, such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, etc., to carry out cooperation and exchanges in conferences, exhibitions, events, international study tours, science popularization education, etc. This has played a significant leading and demonstrative role in China's international technology cooperation in the field of brewing.
Collaborative domain expert team
  • Imperial University of Technology
    Imperial University of Technology
    Professor David Nutt
  • University of Cambridge David
    University of Cambridge David
    Professor Rubinsztein
  • Nordas Institute in the Netherlands
    Nordas Institute in the Netherlands
    Professor Lucas Noldus
  • Wageningen University, the Netherlands
    Wageningen University, the Netherlands
    Professor Henk Hendriks
  • Peking Union Medical College Hospital
    Peking Union Medical College Hospital
    Professor Chao Ma
  • Scotch whisky Institute
    Scotch whisky Institute
    lan Goodall
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