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Introduction to the Center
International Joint Research Center of Quality and Safety of Alcoholic Beverages(ICAB)

International Joint Research Center of Liquor Quality and Safety (ICAB) is a collaborative research center jointly established by the China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute and internationally renowned brewing institutions. Recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, ICAB serves as a leading and globally advanced platform for research and development in the brewing industry.

ICAB maintains external connections with internationally acclaimed scientific research institutions and internal ties with well-known industry leaders. Over the years, ICAB has undertaken 14 rounds of government-to-government exchange projects involving 7 countries, as well as 6 national exchanges facilitated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Additionally, ICAB has led and participated in 17 national and provincial-level scientific research projects, achieving 34 internationally leading achievements and receiving 17 national and provincial-level awards. Notably, ICAB secured the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2013 and the first prize of the Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award in 2017, while also obtaining authorization for more than 30 patents.

Centered around the core principles of safety, quality, health, and efficiency, ICAB focuses on industry development. ICAB conducts scientific research to address common and critical challenges within the industry, successfully solving a series of complex issues. ICAB holds an advantageous position in researching and developing common and key technologies, as well as effectively transforming scientific research outcomes. Currently, ICAB serves as a robust technical support and driving force for numerous large domestic brewing enterprise groups, playing a pivotal role in advancing industry technology and translating research achievements into practical solutions.

Relying on international science and technology cooperation platforms, the R&D department of ICAB has engaged in collaborative exchanges with nearly 100 countries worldwide, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy, etc. With a global perspective and expertise, ICAB have organized conferences, exhibitions, events, international study tours, and science popularization initiatives. These efforts have successfully established a platform for industry-university research collaboration and knowledge transfer within the brewing field. Furthermore, ICAB have actively participated in international scientific and technological cooperation related to China’s brewing industry, playing a significant leadership and demonstrative role.

nd technological cooperation in China's brewing field, It has played a significant leading and demonstrative role.

The best in the industry
1. The technical creator of the first bottle of dry white and first bottle of dry red wine in New China
2. Scientific research leading unit of the "three pilot projects" (Yantai pilot project, Fenjiu pilot project and Maotai pilot project) of the epoch-making liquor production industrialization in the history of Chinese Baijiu development
3. Domestic pioneering catalytic hydrogenation process for xylitol production and industrialization
4. Applied for the first domestic invention patent for erythritol, laying the foundation for a Chinese characteristic fermentation process based on lipolytic aromyces cerevisiae
5. Published the first professional work in the beer industry - "Beer Industry Handbook"
6. Established the first international joint research center in the brewing industry
7. The world's top 500 companies in the United States have pioneered the export of fermentation technology for Itaconic acid strains in China
Qualification certificate
  • 中国轻工业酒类品质与安全重点实验室
  • 中国轻工集团酿酒工程技术中心
  • 中国白酒169计划科研中心
  • 国家科技进步二等奖
  • 北京市科学技术二等奖
  • 湖北省科技进步一等奖