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Comfort evaluation
Comfort evaluation

Based on the research concepts of neurosensory physiology and behavioral science, focusing on the relevant signs of the central nervous system in psychology and physiology, different models of animals and consumers are used to screen for physiological markers on hangover, improve the quality of terminal products, reduce side effects such as post drinking upper head, and achieve post drinking comfort evaluation and product improvement for different types of alcohol.

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Platform Introduction

Drinking comfort is the most important aspect of beverage quality that consumers are concerned about. Based on the process of tasting alcohol, a key technology for evaluating the differences in post drinking comfort of "whole organ molecule" beverages is established from three levels: pre drinking comfort, in drinking comfort, and post drinking comfort. Analysis and evaluation of drinking quality are carried out. The results not only provide scientific support for the stabilization of alcohol products and targeted process control technology, but also provide strong endorsement for promoting scientific knowledge, product promotion, and brand building of rational drinking for consumers, and provide strong data and theoretical basis for new product development.

Services Available
1) Study on drinking comfort (dont headache) standard system and evaluation of wine body products;
2) Analysis and suggestions on measures to improve the drinking quality of comfort and health wine products;
3) Low drunkenness (no head) healthy wine product design and development;
4) Evaluation of overall metabolism level of Baijiu and analysis of key components affecting metabolism;
5) Research on standard system of dry mouth after drinking and quality improvement;
6) Evaluation of metabolic biomarkers of liquor;
7) Comfort evaluation after Baijiu drinking;
8) Basic scientific research on the molecular mechanism of comfort and health.
Achievement exhibition
Articles (30 articles)

——Zhao W, Fu Z, Wang X, et al. The effects of biogenic amines in Chinese Huangjiu on the behavior of mice and hangover headache‐related indices[J]. Food Science & Nutrition, 2022.
——Huangfu, J., Lu, J., Li, C., Wang, D., Luan, C., Jiang, X., Song, T., Jiang, W., Han, X., Feng, J., Liu, Y., & He, M. Evaluating and forecasting the associated main flavor components in Baijiu (Chinese distilled spirits) with alcohol metabolism and hangover symptoms through mice acute withdrawal model. Food science & nutrition. 2022,11(1), 334–343.
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Awards (14 items)

Patents (8)

- A method of determining the correlation between the main higher alcohols in the body of the wine that cause the scalp. Huang Fujie, Jiang Wei, Han Xinglin, WANG Deliang, Gerong Zeren. CN111830219B.
- A method of assessing the degree of arousal after drinking alcohol. Huang Fujie, WANG Deliang, LIU Rong, SUN Zhiwei, Jiang Wei. CN107908924A
-- A method and application of applying facial expression emotion recognition software to quantitatively evaluate food sensory quality and consumer preference. Feng Jing, WANG De-Liang, HUANG Fujie, WANG Cheng, HAN Xinglin, JIN Wei-Jun. CN112288462A
-- A method for quantitative evaluation of food consumer acceptance by using facial expressions and EEG analysis. Feng Jing, HUANG Fujie, WANG Cheng, LU Gaochong, DONG Jianhui, WANG Deliang, HAN Xinglin. CN113570211A
-- A simple and effective method to evaluate the degree of excitement after drinking liquor. Huang Fujie, Wang Deliang, Han Xinglin et al. CN107908924

Achievement appraisal (13 items)

-- Analysis and application of drinking comfort quality characteristics of Fenjiu and Bamboo Leaf Green Wine (China National Light Industry Council, 202304, international leader);

-- The establishment of quality expression system for soft sauce Liquor (China National Food Industry Association, 202304, International leader)

-- Research and application of the drinking quality evaluation system of North Yunmen Maotai-flavored liquor (China National Light Industry Council,202207, international leader);

-- Analysis and application of drinking quality characteristics of Yingjiagong Wine (China Alcoholic Drinks Association, 202112, international leader);

-- Establishment and application of the evaluation model of the influence of main organic acids and their contents on the comfort level after drinking Tai-Maotai-flavored liquor (China National Light Industry Council, 202012, international Leader)

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