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Sensory flavor box

Flavor sniffing trainingIt is a fast and efficient learning way to establish the expression of wine odor, and can distinguish different flavor, quality and style of wine products through flavor training. In order to improve the sensory evaluation skills of wine practitioners and lovers, ICAB experts have designed and developed a series of sensory evaluation kits for use as professional teaching AIDS.

Product feature

1. For beer, liquor, wine, international distilled spirits and condiments five fields;
2. Contains 150 kinds of aroma substances in 10 categories of characteristic flavors;
3. It can be customized for the special needs of enterprises.

Product description and price list

For the field of wine and condiment, we provide different specifications of professional beer sensory evaluation kits, flavor odor bottles, Chinese liquor monomer aroma kits, flavor odor bottles, wine flavor kits, brandy, whiskey flavor odor boxes, seasoning sensory professional kits and other standard training AIDS.

Consultation experience contact information

Contact: Song Tao 13910849653