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Brewing Technology
Brewing Technology

Service 1 Raw material

Quality analysis and rapid testing, brewing performance research, authenticity/purity testing, utilization of special resources, optimization of raw material ratios and fine control.

Service 2 Process

Quality analysis and rapid testing of wine quartz, analysis and optimization of brewing process mechanism, quality analysis of cellar soil and research on calcification mechanism, research on fermentation mechanism, main flavor metabolism law and regulation technology, establishment and application of functional microbial strain library, intelligent brewing technology, and intelligent tracing system for brewing process.

Service 3 Product

Characterization of flavor composition and sensory quality of liquor, product development and quality upgrading of various types of liquor, development of new products using liquor as the base wine, product stability control.

Service 4 Protection

Construction of technology centre and internal control standard system.

Service items
Platform introduction
The liquor process technical service platform has the technical support ability to focus on the whole process of liquor quality analysis, improvement, expression and guarantee, and can establish a standard technical service system for liquor and other distilled spirits, and cooperate with nearly 100 liquor enterprises. The research field covers all elements of liquor production, such as raw materials, koji, mud, fermentation, technology, storage and body design.
Services Available
Service 1 raw material end
Quality analysis and rapid detection, brewing performance research, authenticity/purity detection, characteristic resource utilization, raw material ratio optimization and fine control.

Service 2 process end
Koji quality analysis and rapid detection, winemaking process mechanism analysis and optimization, pit mud quality analysis and calcification mechanism research, fermentation mechanism research, main flavor metabolism law and regulation technology, functional microbial strain bank establishment and application, intelligent koji technology, brewing process intelligent traceability system.

Service 3 Product end
Analysis of liquor flavor composition and sensory quality characteristics, development and quality upgrading of liquor products of different flavor types, development of new liquor products formulated with liquor as the base liquor, and control of product stability.

Service 4 Support end
Technology center construction, internal control standard system construction.
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