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Yellow Wine

Rice wine is the "national wine" in China. Over the years, extensive research has been carried out on rice brewing raw materials, microorganisms, new brewing technology and product development, and nearly 100 production strains have been accumulated (saccharomyces, yeasts and functional lactic acid bacteria, etc.), and new products such as refreshing, health-preserving, liqueur rice wine, sake and rice wine have been developed. A number of projects have been identified by science and technology as the international leading level, and have won the industry science and technology progress award, and has completed more than 10 scientific research projects such as "Characterization of the main components of Rice wine" and its mechanism of action ", "Research and application of new technology of high quality and Low consumption Rice wine brewing", "Development and application of key technology of Rice Wine" post-brewing ". And the preparation of "Fangxian rice wine industry chain research report".