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Field introduction

Based on the traditional research platform of fermented food industry and guided by the needs of enterprises, the seasoning Innovation Technology Service Center adopts molecular biology, metabolomics, cell biology and other methods to improve the utilization rate of condiment brewing raw materials and authenticity identification, brewing process optimization and mechanism analysis, functional strain selection and metabolic analysis. Seasoning flavor analysis, product function evaluation and rapid detection of harmful microorganisms technical services, to provide talent training and technical support for the development of soy sauce, brewing vinegar, fermented bean curd, fermented bean sauce and other related condiment industries.

Services Available

1. Improve the utilization rate of brewing raw materials

The fermentation strains with good performance were selected and the utilization rate of brewing raw materials was improved by optimizing the fermentation process.

2. Analyze brewing mechanism

Based on high-throughput sequencing, the changes of microecological structure during brewing were analyzed to stabilize the quality of fermented products in different seasons.

3. Analysis of flavor substances

Analyze flavoring ingredients to provide technical support for quality improvement.

4. Screening and evaluation of functional factors

Intestinal microecology, autophagy, EEG and zebrafish models were used to screen and evaluate the health factors in condiments.

5. Mutagenesis, breeding and performance evaluation of microorganisms with excellent brewing functions

The screening and evaluation of functional microorganisms (Aspergillus oryzae, conjugative Lutschi, abnormal Wickham yeast, etc.) and the development and control technology of rapid detection of harmful microorganisms.

achievement exhibition

1. Through mutagenesis breeding and performance evaluation, a strain resource bank suitable for fermentation of different types of condiments was established, including Aspergillus oryzae, zygosaccharomyces ludi, and abnormal Wickham's yeast, which are commonly used dominant strains of soy sauce and brewing vinegar
2. Condiment health evaluation method based on intestinal microecology
3. Study on the microecological changes in the fermentation process, and deeply analyze the brewing mechanism of condiments

- First Prize of Science and Technology of China Food Industry Association, 2020
- China Light Industry Federation Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, 2020
- Second Prize of Science and Technology of China Food Industry Association, 2021

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