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Whiskey Brewers Course
Whiskey Brewers Course
Training content
Lesson 1 Whiskey Saccharification, Fermentation, and Distillation Practice
Topic 1: Saccharification and Fermentation
Topic 2: Hands on operation of 2.8L still
Topic 3: 20L multifunctional still hands-on operation
Topic 4: Observation and practical operation of 150L distillation equipment
Lesson 2 Introduction to the History and Culture of Whiskey and Explanation of the Principles of Beer Distillation
Topic 1: Introduction to the four representative categories of Scotch whisky, Irish whisky, American whisky, and Canadian whisky, as well as the history and classification of Japanese whisky and whisky from other countries
Topic 2: Detailed explanation of whisky saccharification, fermentation, distillation, and aging processes
Topic 3: Explanation of Whiskey Ingredients
Topic 4: Explanation of the Relationship between the Shape and Functionality of Distillers
Topic 5: Calculation of Whiskey Distillation Process
Topic 6: Selection of oak barrels and explanation of barrel aging
Theme 7: Whiskey blending and bottling
Lesson 3 Practical Distillation, Group Adversarial Practice
Topic 1:2.8L Distiller Hands on Practice
Topic 2: Practical operation of a 20L multifunctional still
Lesson 4 Different Regions and Classic Category Styles Whiskey Style Tasting and Flavor Substance Identification
Topic 1: Identification of Common Flavor Substances in Distilled Liquor
Theme 2: Whiskey Tasting in Different Regions
Topic 3: Tasting Different Categories of Whiskey
Theme 4: Tasting Different Styles of Whiskey
Lesson 5 Whiskey Mixing Practice and Cocktail Knowledge Introduction
Topic 1: Introduction to Cocktail Basics
Topic 2: Cocktail Preparation Practice
Topic 3: Sharing of Classic Whiskey Cocktail Preparation
Lesson 6 Theory Exam Combined with Appreciation Exam and Graduation
Training time
Training location
24 Jiuxianqiao Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute
Training expenses
5800.00 yuan
Registration Contact
Teacher Song 18210087286
WeChat ID: song82026