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Health and comfort evaluation

Based on the research theories and methods of medicine, life science, food science and animal behavior, the platform, in cooperation with top universities at home and abroad, takes "How to drink healthily and comfortably" as the guiding concept, and carries out work on alleviating alcohol injury, post-drink comfort and intestinal microecology.

Drinking physiological health evaluation

For the physiological health problems caused by alcohol, based on cellular nutrition metabolism, functional food development, functional evaluation of natural active ingredients and in vivo mechanism of action, using the research methods and theories of life science and food science, Focusing on DNA damage repair (2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry), autophagy (2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology), oxidative stress, inflammatory response, apoptosis, following the concept of evidence-based medicine, integrating multiple models of animal and disease models, from the whole, tissue, organ to the cellular and molecular level. To screen health factors, explore health factors and their dose-effect synergies, acute drinking and health under hepatocyte model and long-term drinking and health under model animals.

Drinking mental health assessment

To the mental health problems caused by alcohol, this paper analyzes the mechanism of anti-depression effect of alcohol on human body from the aspects of behavior, pathology and neuroscience. The degree of antidepressant effect of different kinds of alcohol was analyzed one by one. The saying of "drinking to drown sorrows" has existed in ancient times. So does drinking improve mood in clinically depressed patients? Biochemically, at least. Our findings found that alcohol and antidepressants share the same neural and molecular mechanisms of change.

Drinking comfort evaluation

According to consumers' wine tasting process, the key technology of "whole - organ-molecular" beverage post-drink comfort difference evaluation was established from three levels of pre-drink comfort level, in-drink comfort level and post-drink comfort level, and drinking quality evaluation analysis and research were carried out. The results not only provided scientific support for wine product stabilization and directional process control technology. It also provides a strong endorsement for the popularization of scientific knowledge, product publicity and brand building of consumers' rational drinking, and provides a strong data and theoretical basis for the research and development of new products.