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Field introduction
The earliest whisky research platform in China. Research was carried out on brewing raw materials, brewing technology, distillation technology, barrel aging and so on. The platform has a variety of advanced precision instruments to analyze product quality and quality in all aspects. It has automatic small saccharification fermentation equipment and various types of distillation equipment for carrying out fermentation and distillation tests.

Service content

1. Analysis of brewing materials: analysis of whisky distilled malt, screening of whisky characteristic yeast;

2. Brewing process research: characteristic grain brewing process development;
3. Whiskey testing services: whiskey national standard item testing, flavor substances and other non-national standard item testing.

Results display

Held the first technical achievements appraisal meeting in the Chinese whiskey industry, created a number of firsts in the industry, and was highly recognized by industry leaders and experts. The project researches and explores the process and quality characteristics of whiskey with Chinese characteristics in an all-round way from the yeast screening, raw material selection, oak barrel selection and the exploration of the characteristic quality of the producing area, laying a foundation for the whiskey products with Chinese characteristics. The experts of the appraisal committee agreed that the results of the project reached the international advanced level.

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